Yacht Financing for International Buyers

Yacht Financing for International Buyers

Owning a yacht can be a dream come true for many people, but financing such a significant purchase can be a daunting task, especially for international buyers. While the process of financing a yacht is similar in many ways to financing other high-value assets, there are unique challenges and opportunities that international buyers should be aware of.


One of the biggest challenges that international buyers face when financing a yacht is differences in lending practices between countries. For example, banks in some countries may be more reluctant to finance a yacht purchase than banks in others, due to factors such as risk perception, regulatory requirements, and interest rate policies. Additionally, the process of obtaining financing may be more complex and time-consuming for international buyers, as lenders may require additional documentation or evidence of creditworthiness.

Another factor that international buyers must consider when financing a yacht is tax implications. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the yacht is purchased and registered, there may be significant tax implications, including import duties, sales taxes, and annual taxes based on the value of the vessel. These taxes can have a major impact on the total cost of ownership, and international buyers should carefully research the tax implications of purchasing and operating a yacht in different countries.


Despite these challenges, there are also opportunities that come with financing a yacht as an international buyer. For example, some countries may offer more favorable lending rates or more flexible loan terms than others, and international buyers may be able to take advantage of these differences to secure more favorable financing. Additionally, international buyers may have more options for registering their yacht in a jurisdiction that offers more favorable tax treatment, which can help to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

We Can Help!

At Azure Funding, we have created a program that provides a marine lending source for customers that do not fit credit profile and requirements to qualify for a conventional loan through traditional bank programs. Our hard money lending program differentiates from conventional banks due to the types of customers/credit profiles that will be eligible for a loan, our liquidity qualifiers, and acceptable collateral. Our borrowers can be from the contiguous 48 states plus Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Canada borrowers must have property in the US / US tax return. Our Private Label Marine Lending  program will allow many international buyers be able to purchase the boat of their dreams if they meet certain requirements.

To navigate the challenges and opportunities of financing a yacht as an international buyer, it is important to work with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support throughout the process. At Azure Funding we specialize in yacht financing for international buyers — you can contact a specialist at 1-888- 311-0101 or by emailing info@azurefunding.com. By carefully considering the factors that impact the cost of ownership and seeking out expert advice, international buyers can make informed decisions about financing a yacht that meets their needs and budget.