When should I buy a boat?

We are frequently asked when is the best time to buy a boat or yacht. We believe that the greatest time of year to get one is in the Spring. Spring is generally considered the best time to purchase a boat for several reasons:

1. Boat shows: Spring is the time of year when many boat shows take place. These shows offer an opportunity for manufacturers and dealers to showcase their latest models and offer deals and incentives to potential buyers.

2. New models: Spring is also the time when new boat models are released. Dealers will often offer promotions and discounts to move the previous year’s inventory, making it a great time to find a deal on a new boat.

3. Weather: In many parts of the world, spring marks the beginning of boating season. As the weather warms up, people start to think about spending more time on the water. This increased demand can lead to higher prices in the summer months.

4. Selection: Because spring is the start of boating season, dealers typically have a wide selection of boats to choose from. This gives buyers more options and the ability to find the perfect boat to fit their needs.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a boat, spring can be an excellent time to start looking. With boat shows, new models, good weather, and a large selection to choose from, you may be able to find a great deal on the boat of your dreams.