Aircraft Financing Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Begin The Aircraft Loan Application Process? + -

The easiest to apply for a aviation loan is by clicking here or the Online Application tab in our main menu! Our loan officers are also standing by to answer any preliminary questions you may have about applying for an aircraft loan!

Click here to contact an agent or learn more about our aircraft financing process here.

Will I Be Approved For An Aircraft Loan? + -

Being approved for an aircraft loan depends on a few factors including your financial history, credit situation, and the type/condition of the plane you plan to purchase. Speaking with an Azure Funding loan office, or applying by clicking here, is the fastest way to find out if you will be approved!

Will I Get Approved For A Plane Loan With Bad Credit? + -

The short answer, it depends. However, the Azure Funding team has some of the highest approval rates in the country and is able to offer unmatched loan opportunities through our network of banks. Speaking with one of our loan officers is the quickest way to find out if you will be approved for aircraft financing with bad credit.

How Soon Will My Financing Come Through? + -

The speed of your aircraft loan will depend on a few factors including how soon we receive your application, your financial history, and communication with the Azure Funding team. Generally, we are able to fund most aviation loans quickly, but the first step is to apply!